Technical Services for Artists and Designers

Pylon provides custom technical solutions to support the vision of artists and designers. We specialize in computational form-finding, custom software development, electronics, and industrial design. Our business is connecting technologies in novel ways to solve unique problems.


At Pylon, we understand the creative process: we speak the language of art, as well as that of machines.


Custom Software

Pylon develops plugins and scripts for 3D modeling programs, standalone applications, software for interactive installations and kiosks, and web-based projects.


Custom Electronic Devices

We design and build interactive devices, as well as connect your computer to the real world through sensors and actuators.


Computing Complex Form

Pylon can create custom software to solve complex 3D modeling problems. We can automate modeling processes that are simply labor-intensive, but more importantly, we can write powerful tools for exploring design that would be impossible to model manually.


With software designed specifically to solve your problem, multiple– and potentially radically different– versions of your complex design can be developed in seconds. This approach provides for an efficient, intuitive, and liberating design process where experimentation is encouraged. And cost effective, since changes are easily accommodated.







Industrial Design

With our extensive CAD expertise, we can create 3D models for CNC fabrication that fulfill your aesthetic and functional criteria, as well as the technical requirements of the fabricator. With years of fabrication and construction management experience, we can optimize your project to keep fabrication costs down, while ensuring strength and reliability.



Pylon provides illustration, rendering, and animation services. If you are submitting a proposal for a competition, applying for a grant, or attempting to secure venture capital, good previsualizations can be critical to your success.


Fabrication Coordination

For art works, installations, and prototypes, we can arrange to have your project constructed. We have working relationships with numerous specialists, vendors, and fabricators in the Los Angeles area, and can perform competitive bidding on your behalf. If it can't be built in L.A., it probably can't be built.


Project Management

We can work on just one aspect of your project, in concert with other members of your team, or manage it in its entirety, from previsualization to fabrication.



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