Technical Services for Architects

Pylon provides custom technical solutions to support the vision of architects. We specialize in computational form-finding and custom software development.


At Pylon, we understand the design process: we speak the language of architecture, as well as that of machines.


Computing Complex Form

Pylon can create custom software to solve complex 3D modeling problems. We can automate modeling processes that are simply labor-intensive, but more importantly, we can write powerful tools for exploring design concepts that would be impossible to model manually.


With software designed specifically to solve your problem, multiple– and potentially radically different– versions of your complex design can be developed in seconds. This approach provides for an efficient, intuitive, and liberating design process where experimentation is encouraged. And cost effective, since changes are easily accommodated.




Transparent Integration

We understand that it critical that our services seamlessly integrate with your design process. Since firms operate differently, we have developed a variety of approaches for providing excellent, responsive service to your design team with a minimum of logistical overhead.


Designed to Build

Our software doesn't just make pretty pictures. We produce highly resolved models suitable for both CDs and CNC fabrication. With a background in construction management and fabrication, we understand how things are built.



Pylon provides in-house illustration, rendering, and animation services.



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