Jeffrey Neale
Two software applications and a scripting language for Ten Worlds, a video installation which generates and recites poetry in real-time


Installation preview of Jeffrey Neale's Ten Worlds



Artist: Jeffrey Neale

Project: Ten Worlds

Description: In Ten Worlds, an eight-foot video projection of the artist recites poetry generated in real time according to complex rules. The piece is infinitely variable, and has no ending (other than the closing of the exhibition, of course).


Our Role: Developed two custom software applications and a scripting language


The first application, called Dictionary Editor, allowed the artist to tag videos of himself speaking with metadata describing the tonal qualities and gramatical usage of each word. We developed the 'Ten Worlds Scripting Language' so that Neale could describe the structure and tonal character of individual sentences and stanzas in great detail (but not the specific words involved, which are chosen by the system while it is running).


During exhibition, a second custom application interprets the scripts Neale wrote, contructing an ever-changing sequence of texts word-by-word, in real time. The video is edited and projected on the fly, so that the texts are recited as they are created.