Ball-Nogues Studio
Custom 3D software and modeling for San Diego City Wall, a 4'-5" x 25' bas relief wall sculpture


San Diego City Wall installed. Photograph: Ramona d'Viola.



Designer: Ball-Nogues Studio

Project: San Diego City Wall

Venue: Se San Diego / Suite and Tender, San Diego

Links: Ball-Nogues Studio, Dodd Mitchell Design, Suite & Tender

Description: Working with Dodd Mitchell Design, Ball-Nogues Studio created San Diego City Wall for the Se San Diego / Suite and Tender restaurant. This unique, semi-abstract wall relief situates the hotel—indicated as an embedded, glowing light—in the heart of the city.


Our Role: Custom 3D software, 3D Modeling, Materials and Process Research, Project Management


The form of the City Wall was derived from aerial photographs of the area. Unsatisfied with conventional approaches to translating photographs into 3D models, Ball-Nogues contracted with Pylon to create a unique piece of software with specialized controls for converting image data into NURBS surfaces for CNC-machining. We also handled materials and process research and coordinated fabrication of the relief.