Joseph Dumbacher John Dumbacher
3D computer modeling for the artists' sculpture series, Pivot


Photograph of sculpture 234, 2005, anodized aluminum, 13.0 x 9.0 x 11.5 inches. Photograph: Alan Shaffer



Artists: Joseph Dumbacher  John Dumbacher

Project: Pivot Series

Venue: Patricia Faure Gallery, Los Angeles

Description: A series of eight anodized aluminum sculptures.


Our Role: 3D computer modeling, previsualization renderings, CNC files for fabrication


We began modeling each sculpture based on the artists' preliminary drawings and maquettes, then met regularly to explore and refine the 3D designs in person. The finished models were CNC milled from solid aluminum, resulting in an exquisite tension between the organic character of the form and the mechanical precision of the machining.