Marie Sester
Software development, electronics, and 3D CAD-CAM computer modeling for Sester's interactive sculpture, Mirror


Photograph of Marie Sester's Mirror.



Artist: Marie Sester

Project: Mirror

Links: Marie Sester: Mirror

Description: Mirror is an interactive sculpture that tracks a moving observer in real-time, continously panning and tilting the mirror so that it faces the subject.


Our Role: Software development, electronics, and 3D CAD-CAM


We designed and developed the tracking system for this prototype. A miniature video camera and three ultasonic sensors provide input to a small general-purpose computer, which locates the observer in 3D space and computes the proper orientation for the mirror. The mirror itself is actuated by an off-the-shelf pan-tilt head. All components are incorporated into the base of the mirror; the device is completely plug-and-play.


We also produced the 3D models for the industrial design and provided fabrication coordination.