Kerry Tribe
Custom software development, electronics, and industrial design for Milton Torres Sees a Ghost, an installation first shown at the Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol, UK


Milton Torres Sees a Ghost exhibition photograph. Image credit: Kerry Tribe



Artist: Kerry Tribe

Project: Milton Torres Sees a Ghost

Venue: Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol, UK

Links: Kerry Tribe, Dead Star Light

Description: In this installation, a 216-foot magnetic audio tape loops between two listening stations. Each station is equipped with a reel-to-reel audio player and an oscilloscope that displays a visual representation of the soundtrack. The soundtrack features the account of an American fighter pilot's encounter with a UFO over British air space in 1957, which was kept secret until the British government released records of the event in 2008. As the tape winds through the space, it passes through two decks - one continuously records the track; the other erases it. The audience hears the intact soundtrack in one location, while in the other it hears mostly silence interrupted by fragments of sound that failed to disappear.


Our Role:

Custom software and electronics: To ensure that the tape would run consistently and not be stretched or damaged, we developed a wireless radio control system that synchronizes both reel-to-reel tape players. The system also records 4 tracks of audio from embedded MP3 players to the reel-to-reel decks as it passes through.


Industrial design, 3d modeling, fabrication coordination: We developed the mechanical transport system for the 200' tape run, which involved the design and fabrication of seven unique part types (~300 parts total were required) to safely handle inside and outside corner turns and the transition from a horizontal path to a vertical path and back again.