Marie Sester
Motion control software / interactivity design for Sester's interactive installation, BE[AM]


Installation photograph of Marie Sester's BE[AM]



Artist: Marie Sester

Project: BE[AM]

Links: Marie Sester: BE[AM]

Description: BE[AM] is a complex multimedia installation in which a video projection fluidly moves across the walls of a large exhibition space. Pedestals in the center of the room are outfitted with gamepad controllers with which gallery visitors can control three onscreen characters: Charlie Chaplin, Wile E. Coyote, and Mario.


Our Role: Motion control software, interactivity design, hardware specification


We designed and implemented motion control software that allowed the orientation of the robotic projector and the status of the pedestal lamps to be synchronized to Sester's video. For example, when a warplane is appears fixed-frame in the video, the projector was keyframed such that the plane was made to 'fly' across a 30' ceiling in about two seconds.


We also developed the gameplay aspect of BE[AM], where three gamepad controllers are used to control the characters that are composited into the video.